Keep Our Oceans Clean Club

Emma, our Seaper Powers star, is committed to her passion:  keeping all waters on this planet clean.  Given that her best friends are an octopus and a starfish, making sure everyone on the planet is doing all they can do to keep our oceans clean, is of the utmost importance to her.

Emma also believes that kids are vital to keeping the oceans clean! As of July 4, 2017, all Seaper Powers readers will automatically be invited to be a part of an exclusive club called “Keep Our Oceans Clean.”  Kids can sign their names on the back of the card and carry it with them at all times.

When you join the club you promise to:

  • Never litter
  • Tell their friends never to liter
  • If you see trash, pick it up and place in a trash can, or notify an adult

Emma believes in all her Lifetime Club members, because together, we can keep our oceans clean for all our marine creatures.