#FYC 2020




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The series, created by Kim Cameron (who wrote, directed, and produced the project), includes five books, a soundtrack, children's album and a new upcoming animated feature film; all of which follow the adventures of Emma and her sea creature friends. The latest book, “In Search of Blue Jays Treasure” has been recognized by the Purple Dragon Book Awards. Ms. Cameron has been touring elementary schools and libraries across the country reading her stories and encouraging children to respect the ocean and the animals who live there. 



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Seaper Powers 

Connecting to Animals                          

Children's Album

Release Date: July 28, 2020


  • Official Selection Best Children's Album San Diego Kids Festival
  • 10 tracks (all vocal)
  • Winner of Mom's Choice & Tillywig Toy Awards





If you have any FYC, please email me a link to listen!  Kim@sidefxband.net